Emily (southern_yankee) wrote in 268_generation,

an Excerpt from "Wild at Heart"

in sunday school, we've been learning about the purposes of Adam and Eve and such. our teacher read this today in sunday school concerning Eve and it really made me think. the book is written for guys *so guys, go buy and read it!* but also deals a lot with Eve, and her relationship to Adam. so, girls, if you wanna know about how we really can help our guys, then also go buy and read this book.

**the following is a book excerpt, but i'm too lazy to put quotes around the whole thing**

Eve is deceived... Jan Meyers points out in The Allure of Hope, "Eve was convinced that God was withholding something from her." Not even the extravagance of Eden could convince her that God's heart is good. "When Eve was [deceived], the artistry of being a woman took a fateful dive into the barren places of control and loneliness." Now every daughter of Eve wants to "control her surrounding, her relationships, her God." No longer is she vulnerable; now she will be grasping. No longer does she want simply to share in the adventure; now, she wants to control it. And as for her beauty, she either hides it in fear and anger, or she uses it to secure her place in the world. "In our fear that no one will speak on our behalf or protect us or fight for us, we start to recreate both ourselves and our role in the story. We manipulate our surroundings so we don't feel so defenseless." Fallen Eve either becomes rigid or clingy. Put simply, Eve is no longer simply inviting. She is either hiding in busyness or demanding that Adam come through for her; usually, an odd combination of both.
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