Shawn (chonny) wrote in 268_generation,


We are united land to land, borders to borders. Even the Islands that are separated by water still are one, because water is our greatest source, we live by it.

Out of reach from mankind's rules, we are one people. We are brothers and sisters, leading this life until we depart for the new. Not even the greatest acre can keep us divided. Do we ever think about those around us who are not accepted? Who have been cast away from every place because of their colour or religion? Do we ever wonder what they must be feeling, and how easy it can be for things to turn on us, and even have us become rejected?

It's a world that has become it's greatest critic, and still what critics accept to themselves still doesn't hold volume in a unity of people. We cannot be judged by any man, no boss, no company, and not even by the ultimate ignorant. We are a great people, all of us and we must live knowing we are worth it.

What makes those feel they must hate people for colour, religion and all things that we are hated for? We know the answers in our hearts, but what are the actions we shall take against what we can do? After all, we do hold so many answers within our every heart and soul.
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