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I have a question

Okay, Well, I'm new to the community. My name's Emily. I have a question and I'm just hoping for some answers to my question.

What is your viewpoint on meditation? I was reading a book about spiritual things and about other things. It was a collection of peoples true stories, and in one story, a kid was convincing his friend to meditate. The kid wasn't sure if meditating was going against God or not. And to tell the truth, I'm not really sure about the whole meditation thing. If someone could give me some information about it and if it is going against God or not it would be really appreciated.

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I don't meditate in the normal way, eg assumng the lotus position and going, "Om," because I don't enjoy it. I did Tai Chi for a while, because I got the chance to be taught it by a world champion Kung Fu person, but I gave up after a few months because it made me really relaxed and I enjoy stress! I DO, however, take time out to relax and channel / centre my energy. The Chinese say that an excess of energy cuses short term illness (like a cold or flu) and a lack of it causes serious long-term illness.

How can meditation be going against God, though, sweetheart? You are a ball of energy and all meditation means is taking time out to clear your mind and either concentrate one one thing, eg you could get comfortable and relax and ponder a passage of the bible, or you could take time out to get control of your breathing and relax. You could say that being deep in prayer is meditation.

Personally, I'm all for it, but I'm a naturally zippy person and for me, meditation happens on the London Underground between stops when I relax and think about God, or even nothing, just for a moment. As it's often said by the Asians, to achieve anything, first you have to achieve nothing.

Bit of a rambly response, but I hope it helps. x
There's a Scriptural command in Joshua 1:8 - "Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful." In that sense, we are supposed to meditate by devoting time and careful thought to God's Word.
Thanks to those who posted comments. It's greatly appreciated. I was just unsure on the whole thing and that made it a lot clearer.
Meditation is just like anything else God gave us: There is a pure and good form, and there is a twisted and perverted form. Most Christians choose to flee from it altogether because of the way that eastern religions and new age have used it in their religious practices. However, (I know I say this all the time), the way to combat the fake is not by abandoning the whole thing, but by focusing on the authentic.

Yes, meditate! Focus all your mind and soul and strength on God. Find Him where He is, and learn to love Him for who He is. Don't look to the world or other religions for instructions on how to meditate. Search the word and ask God to meet you and teach you. Pray as Jesus did that God will lead you away from temptation and deliver you from evil. Seek God's face. Absolutely!


(first post here, yay~!)

Meditation just means to reflect on, to contemplate.. synonyms include ponder, think, consider, deliberate..

eastern religions have tried to give us a new meaning for meditate and now most people associate meditation with the "spiritual" act of achieving some kind of altered state, but we're not called to be most people.

meditate is mentioned in genesis and joshua and 12 times in psalms alone! so yeah, meditation is good :D
As a former comment stated, meditation doesn't necessarily mean sitting in a weird position (as that of the monkey on Lion King). Meditation is a wonderful thing! Meditate on God's Word (again, not the meditation kind of thing you see with people in odd positions). Meditation in that aspect is a very good thing. As crystal_faith said, "we're not called to be most people." She is right. The world gives us new definitions for words (like meditation, adultery, murder, etc). Most of the world believes that adultery involves being married and cheating on your spouse, but God's Word says that adultery is also lusting after someone. Most of the world believes that murder is killing a living person (or someone out of the womb). Many don't consider abortion murder. But what does the Bible say? Jesus said that hatred is equal to the same judgment as murder (Matthew 5, can't remember which verse), then I John says that if anyone hates his brother, he is a murderer.

The world's definitions of things will change, but God's Word will never change. If you get confused on something, look it up in God's Word. Look at the examples of godly people in the Bible. I hope this helps, but if not, I'm sorry... I often have a hard time explaining what I want to say...
Hi there :) In the Old Testament, there are several different words that we translate as "meditate." The two Hebrew words that are used for "meditate" most often in the book of Psalms can also be translated as "speak" or "recite." With that in mind, meditate doesn't always mean silence. It can also mean speaking God's Word out loud. Sometimes when we speak things out loud they become more real and meaningful to us. Thinking in my heart "I love you" about my Dad isn't quite as powerful as looking into his face and saying, "I love you."

So don't just think about God's Word. Speak it! Speak it to Him. Use the psalms as prayers. When you feel afraid or insecure, speak out loud God's promises to us of comfort and hope. It may do more for your spirit than just being silent. (Though listening for God's response is quite awesome :)

love in Christ