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Christian Songwriting questions

Hey all,

I'm teaching a songwriting class at my church, and this is a set of questions I wanted us to discuss. I was wondering what some of you might think about them. Feel free to respond to any or all of them!

  • Why did God create music? What is it’s purpose today?

  • In that light, what makes music like other art forms? What makes it different?

  • What makes a song “art”? Are all songs artistic? What separates the good from the bad?

  • What separates “Christian” music from “secular” music? Can a Christian write a “secular” song? Can a non-Christian write a “Christian” song?

  • If a Christian writes a song that doesn’t specifically relate to God or the Christian life, has he/she sinned?

  • Who determines the meaning of lyrics? The author? The listener? Both? Neither?

  • Can music have a meaning or purpose separate from the lyrics? Can instrumental music be inherently good or bad?

  • Are particular music styles/sounds good or evil? Does God have a favorite style of music?

  • What is a Christian songwriter’s function/purpose/job?

  • What do you think music in Heaven will be like?

  • What's your favorite song?

  • --Josh
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